Girly in a bikini!

There were several "season" themed contests featuring Girly, the G3 mascot. My entry for the summer contest ended up winning, I really pushed myself drawing this one!

I tried a lot of different techniques I was learning about: perspective, textures, pattern wrapping, gradient coloring, 3d elements (the innertube!) and overall it had more of a "graphic" look than other drawings I did before.

the shading / color guide
cleaned up sketch
This is one of the few instances where I like the finished piece more than the sketch!

As part of the contest, and to keep with the summer theme, some of these elements had to be included.
1. Yellow Polka Dots
2. Beach Ball
3. A Dog
4. Koi Fish Tattoo
5. Ballons
6. Kitten Heels
7. Sunglasses
8. A cool Beverage
9. Floaties, a life Preserver or an intertube
10. Red and white stripes
11. A big Floppy Sun Hat
12. A beach Towel
13. An oversized purse or Tote Bag
14. Gold Bangled Bracelets with Matching Gold Hoop Earrings
15. Sunscreen

Here's how some of the other girls that entered the contest rendered Girly in a  summer setting:

This entry by Emmikins looks a lot like mine, we chose a strapless bikini and striped towel!

I like the tan skinned and classy swimsuit that 6aika6 gave her. Very stylish and pin-up like.

Thistle-chan amps up the hotness level with her curvy interpretation of Girly!

Romantic-Fae also depicts a curvy Girly with koi-fish tattoo.

Looking sweet and fresh in this watercolor by wwwdots.

This next entry was not part of this contest, BUT I love it!

Zylair once again takes the cake by making a super cute and sexy entry that is colored beautifully.
artwork 1464690302110395914

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