One Piece's CP9 Kalifa & Rob Lucci Cosplay Photo Gallery 2

As a natural brunette, it takes quite a bit of preparation for me to do a cosplay of a blonde haired character! Kalifa's blonde hair is also an unnatural yellow shade (duh, anime!) and my wig turned out a little on the acid yellow side, thankfully I fixed it a little when editing the photos.

The trick to an AWESOME Rob Lucci cosplay? Draw in those eyebrows!!!
Lots of One Piece characters have ridiculous facial features, and the only way to recreate that is to exaggerate your make-up and cosplay, take it up a notch to nail that look!
The eyebrows and beard were painted on with fabric paint, which is easy to wash off and doesn't stain the skin.

 I like Kalifa's choice of large fishnet stockings!

he has a perkier but than me!

My favoritest Rob Lucci pic:

And a Kalifa pic that could end up in "sexual harrassment"

The End!
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