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5 Mistakes n00bs usually make when going to their first convention

[Makyz at his best] Every year that I go to a convention, it seems to me the crowds keep getting younger and younger. It's great to...


Florida SuperCon Adventures 2017 [The Six Podcast]

Another year that I said I was gonna be done and over with cosplay, and yet another year that I ended up dragging my butt to Florida Supe...


X-23 Special! [Why So Serious Show]

Bring out your claws! What is the Why So Serious Show ? They're kinda all over the place. Sometimes they do parodies/tributes of f...


Art Nouveau Piece

I did this piece back when I was in graphic design school and getting heavily into learning gradients in Adobe Illustrator, fonts and ov...


FFXII Oerba Yun Fang Cosplay

I've been doing some housekeeping regarding my cosplay and want to start officially retiring some costumes out of my line-up or ju...


Super easy X-men Claws for X23 cosplay

Hi everyone! So, I very hastily had to put together an X23 (Laura Kinney) costume for a fun video shoot with my friends over at Why So ...


Mizuho Kazami Bodouir Cosplay Photo Gallery

At long last... I can post the photos of this dream photoshoot. I am always extremely happy to work together with Morataya who so thoro...

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