Return to Florida SuperCon (2014)

with artist, rival & friend Takumy
 Despite my plans and rushed work, I didn't finish my Jaycee costume in time for Florida SuperCon, so I ended up wearing Mimori, since it's new, kinda comfortable and I resigned myself to nobody recognizing this cosplay anyways...

But behold!

I'm totally NOT current with American voice actors, producers, etc, but this gentleman here called out to me and was very excited to recognize my AKB0048 costume! It's Josh Grelle, a Funimation VA who told me was also involved in writing the English sub for AKB0048. So we took this moe photo to commemorate this moment.

Hakuoro & Mimori
 I also found a Hakuoro-san (from Utawarerumono) of whom I was probably the only person that fangirled about his costume!!

I didn't take as many pics as I always tell myself I should, but here's what I got:
with R2-D2
found a Mobile Suite Gundam
some old man and his cabbages...
a badass couple as Vegeta and Trunks. THOSE DREADS!!
The winner of the costume contest getting suited up for the competition. UbersCosplay is a really awesome dude, check out his work to be completely blown away.

Black Rose
a photoshoot on the wrestling ring.
If only that wrestling mat wasn't SO RED! It was reflecting red all over the photos!

And these pics are from one of the photo booths.

My next convention is probably going to be Animate! in November. Just keeping it local for now because it's more convenient.
See ya then!?
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  1. It must be fun to be getting back out and into the cons again. Getting called out for the character you were cosplaying must have been cool. Especially when it was someone working on the american voice over :^)



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