Rumble Roses Wrestling Show!

I went hunting for photographic proof of the "wrestling show" we did for Florida SuperCon in 2010, at some point there was a video of part of the show somewhere, but despite my best efforts I haven't seen it again.

If you have a link to it, share it with me!?

this must have been pre-even since we still look well put together!

Aigle & Dixie!
walking up to the stage.

dat swagger

I was "hosting" the event along with Tentacle Chris, so I didn't go to the wrestling box.

... except when I was messing with the actual participants.
Poor Makoto! She got stripped!

In other news, Benikage (Junicorn) was the winner of her match!
Taking pics with some of the attendees.

The Aysha (white pants/bikini) was one of the actual wrestlers.


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