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Whaddya know? I'm the kind of geek that likes to dress up as anime or video game characters, working over weeks to make a costume to show off at a convention or similar sort of event.

I also happen to spend much time ogling pretty anime girls or sexy video game chicks, if not looking up unbearably cute jpop songs and dances.

Some quick stats...

  • Nickname: Romy
  • Cosplaying since 2004.
  • College graduate in Communications.
  • Owns 3 1/2 cats.
  • Resides in Miami, FL.
  • Currently dating the Asian boyfriend of her dreams.
  • Favorite manga: Video Girl Ai, GANTZ.
  • Favorite anime: Macross: Do You Remember Love?, Sailor Moon SuperS, Deathnote, Evangelion, Onegai Teacher.

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