2,000 fans on Facebook!

This past week I broke 2,000 fans / likes on facebook! I was pretty excited for it!

I remember when I broke 5,000 page views on DeviantArt, I made this happy catgirl to commemorate it.

This is from back when I was getting more comfortable drawing with Adobe Illustrator, so I made a nude layer for her too.

My inspiration for drawing nipples has always been master Satoshi Urushihara (beware of boobies), I think it totally shows in this pic.

The sketch:
I also did a process collage for this work.
I would first make the sketch by hand, separate the "under" layer by tracing over my own sketch with a lightbox, clean up the line work in Illustrator, print the cleaned up line work to make a shading and coloring guide, and finishing up the drawing in Illustrator.
Becuase this drawing had a nude layer, I did this process twice! Once for the body and once again for the clothing layer.

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  1. I never got that good with Illustrator and which I had taken the time to study more. the darn curves always screwed me up X^)



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