Maid Cafe Catgirl Cosplay

I've always wanted to be part of a Maid Cafe in an anime convention!! I think maid outfits are some of the cutest cosplays out there, and they make you feel so girly and cute!

At this time I was really in love with my Cocona wig, so I paired it up with this borrowed outfit to complete a cute look.

The location of this shoot is the Florida International University's South Campus, this blue bridge I'm on has a "legend" that says if you kiss your partner while on it, you'll stay together (at least for the duration of your time in the university!).

(fanservice shots)

Photos by dearest Morataya.
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  1. where did you get your wig from?

  2. It's been really long now, I got this wig in 2009. Probably from wigfashion on Ebay.
    The gradient I did on my own, with Katie Blairs purple wig dye.

  3. OMG!!!!!
    I better follow the blog instead of the facebook..
    I have never seen these!! :P
    You look soooooo cute and adorable!!! :3

    1. I am pretty sure I also included this one on facebook, but it's very old now.



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