Girly, the G3 mascot

Back when DeviantArt first developed groups in their website, I was part of a wonderful group called Girls-Girls-Girls it a group run by girls, for girls who love to draw girls!!

For their first contest to choose a mascot I whipped up the lavender haired "Girly."

the rough draft for this illustration

first sketch

cleaned up sketch
I was really trying my best to win the contest because from that point on she was the official mascot and many subsequent contests featured her, which means many artists in DA drew my character!

Here are some of my favorite renditions of Girly

I LOVE this cute pink lingerie ensemble created by Elsa Tuzzato, she really captured the cute but sexy style of my character!

Once again, in pink lingerie and a springtime feel. A lovely piece by Schapell.

I love this picture because the outfit design is so cute!! and of course yellow goes great with her lavender purple hair! Thanks Berrykuro!

Looking cute and sexy in a short skirt and knee high boots, art by Emmikins.

Another artwork by Schappell, she definitely gives her a sexier edge in this one.

And this awesome winter gear version of Girly by Zylair.
artwork 7212195774642712589

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  1. I remember this! Girls who like to draw sexy girls. You and Dania G. were members of this group.



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