Catgirl OC art collection

Back when I was in high-school (and by now that was a really long time ago, my graduation was in 2002), my friend/rival Takumy created a comic called CP-Classmates which featured ourselves and our friends as characters in some alternate reality that kind of played off as an adventure RPG.

Of course, my character was based on a combat-type catgirl, and was fittingly called "Romy-chan" (which was my highschool nickname).
character design sheet for my OC (2002)
Since it was Takumy that initiated the comic, the design for my outfit was up to her, and it only took me a few weeks to realize it had been straight up based on the catgirl Pink from the hentai anime Dragon Pink.

Pink from Dragon Pink.

Romy-chan in too similar of an outfit. Drawing by Takumy.

Well then, I still loved the fact that she turned me into a character in a comic and that from then on I could make her out to be however I wanted. I found myself drawing Romy-chan quite a lot :)

my take on the character, with slightly more realistic proportions (aka breasts).

Many of these drawings were done before I learned how to use Photoshop, so they were drawn in pencil, then traced to a new sheet of paper, inked, possibly photo copied (so the ink doesn't run) then colored with markers.
Romi-chan and another OC based on our friend P-sama.
Eventually I started to venture into photoshop, but used it mostly to blend or enhance what I had already colored with the markers.
The trio of friends (and main characters) K-chan, Romy-chan, and Takumy-sama, in school uniforms.
The three of us in our night gowns.
Or sometimes I would use Paint to make some super exciting photo compositions!
Romy-chan in a bikini.
Romy-chan as sailor scout, of course my fuku is purple!

I also drew little scenarios or storyline ideas for my character, but they all exist only as sketches.

Romy-chan holding an injured Takumy.
Meeting another cat-type character.
in attack mode!

when a good drawing ends up on lined paper... ugh. 


just chillaxing
Romy-chan and Takumy could combine / fuse together to become more powerful.
Or sometimes I would just throw in random lesbian scenarios, cuz WHY NOT?

just a little cat girl

Looking back on it, 2002 was a really productive year for me as far as drawing, and I was trying out all sorts of different mediums. Years later we got to make costumes based on our characters!

What do you guys think of my OC? Did you also make up stories with your friends in high school? I think around that age my creativity and drive was up the roof! Oh youth!
Takumy 2088531622143285817

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  1. Loving your blog. Keep it up.

    Btw. Love the nsfw stuff. Nice! ^_^



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