Cosplay Gallery: Catgirl Otakitty & Dark Elf Takumy OCs

Takumy and I had come up with some anime characters that are, well, alter egos to ourselves! And then we went on and made some cosplays of our designs too! (beware, old pictures are old)
Otakitty is a martial arts cat girl XD
I designed this to be very mobile.
it totally is :D

this is before I discovered the amazing power of contacts...
Takumy desinged her own sword
Her dad carved it in wood.

I like...
this sequence.

my eyes, so squinty!
コスプレ 1346764105401582235

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  1. You both look super kawaii in those cosplays. Very imaginative for your own characters.

    I think it was cool that Takumy's dad did that sword. It really is nice that he is that supportive to do that. Very interesting design and quite intricate.



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