A date with Shinobu-chan

Whenever Morataya takes the (short) trip down to Miami, he always makes the time to take some photos of me and catch up. Since these encounters are usually short notice, I end up wearing rather casual or more simple outfits.

On this opportunity I did a variant of Ninja Nonsense's Shinobu-chan, from an episode where Sasuke dreams he's the main character to the show, and Shinobu is his little sister / love interest.

For this ocassion, I got to fix up my Shinobu wig and add the long ponytail and ball ornament!
waiting at the café.
I really wanted this shoot to have a first person perspective, kinda like what you see when you play dating sim games.

feeding you an ice-cream sandwich

I really tried to make this ice cream prop last as long as possible, but I was actually pretty hungry. LOL.

Totally disrupting the photo story I had going on but, I like this pic cuz I'm making my typical "ero" face. And also cuz I like pictures that show my teeth.


Made it to the gazebo!

Wearing thigh-highs is torture for me. Too much thigh.

Awaiting your next move...


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