Undead Girl mini collection

This character is based on a character design by an artist, at some point known as "gloomynekochan" but who now goes by the name of "h0n3yd011". Unfortunately she has removed all of her old art, so you can no longer see her early drawings, but in turn, her newer stuff is really badass and her art style has advanced in leaps and bounds compared to her early days.

I tried to go for a minimalistic and (almost) monochromatic scheme for this series of drawing, since the character herself was supposed to be devoid of color except the blue streaks of hair and yellow eyes. At this time I also discovered about adding textures to drawings.
Undead girl in a sweater

I forgot why she has a leash... but I made sure to draw it in, twice! She was also supposed to be rather grumpy. This is one of the few instances where I end up liking the finished drawing much more than the original sketch.

I like to think she didn't completely purge this character from her mind, and I think I can see some traces of her design in some of her latest works, like this one:

Do you see it?
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