Mizuho Kazami Spacesuit Cosplay

Cosplaying Mizuho marks the start of my "I'm now going to go for mature characters" phase. In the anime world, Mizuho is an adult at barely 23 years of age. Of course, when I was in high school, if I had met someone of around that age that worked as a teacher I would have considered them a full-fledged adult too.

Now (that I am older), I know better. The spacesuit was a last minute decision to compliment the default teacher outfit I was already making, I figured this couldn't be much more work. I was slightly wrong.

Nevertheless, I'm happy I made this outfit!

are you ready for abduction?
there's an intruder in the ship!
"Marie, find the intruder! This is a priority one!"
showing cleavage to earthling males, super effective!?

Ms. Kazami

Photos taken at Animazement in 2014.
Photography by JD Cabrera.
Marie is an official limited edition figurine released with the Please Teacher! DVD set.

風見 みずほ 1566307227132721031

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