My sticker collection!

I saw Miss Kika posting about 1990's stickers and using them to decorate the guestbook for her wedding. It made me nostalgic and reminded me that I STILL have my childhood sticker albums, in fact I was usually very wary about using my stickers and liked to keep at least one sheet un-used, or carefully store them in the album.

I am still like this... I have hundreds of untouched, sealed sticker sheets... and when something catches my eye, I buy it, even if I know it is likely I will never use it. Every couple of months I take them out, look at them, and sigh at their prettiness.

My Mrs. Grossman sticker album.

They don't make them like this anymore, the surface would keep the stickiness of the stickers very well, so you could move them around and reuse them many times.

I organized all the hearts cuz I liked them too much to use them on stuff... or never had a Valentine?

The page on the left is missing many flowers and butterflies I actually used.

Another set of pages I haven't taken anything out of.

Cats, birthday cakes and Santa Claus.

It was nice how the stickers were so precisely cut you could make scenes of the little animals holding things.

These two pages are supposed to be a Zoo!

A beach scene.

A picnic scene and a collection of holographic stickers. Holographics were highly coveted when trading stickers with other girls.

The beginning of my band-aid collection...

This page has ONLY fuzzy stickers!

These were postcard sheets that came with the sticker book, I still have 2 blank ones!

A more recent sticker book, unfortunately, anything I stuck in here would be damaged when I tried to take it back out :(

Band-aid collection part 2.

Band-aid collection part 3.

Disney Princess band-aid collection.
I usually buy any band-aids that have cute designs to put in my collection. I try to get at least one of each for the album and keep the rest to use them.

This is only a third of my sticker collection... I also collect cute stationary, and cute pencils... maybe I'll show you some other time?
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  1. I remember the sticker books back in the day as a kid. I think I had the one for Voltron, but not any more. ummm - hopefully they aren't 'used' band aids - ewwwwww!



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