Jacon 2009 Memories

Photo by TigerFist

I consider this costume and this convention what really set me off on the road to becoming a full fledged cosplayer. Before Cocona, I had not worked so hard to make a costume with my own two hands. I felt the only way to pull off the design right was to take over all aspects of making it (except for the sewing bits, which my grandma did for me...as I still had no clue how to sew).

Photo by TigerFist
We had done group cosplays before, and even from the same series. In a way it was the last time we had "innocent" normal fun at an event, after this it was hustle hustle, as we discovered the world of cosplay photoshoots, pantyhose, unwanted + wanted attention and internet drama!

getting ready at the hotel room.

Junicorn helps me out with my leg thingies.

Junicorn helping Tewi with her hat.

struggling with our props.

free headrubs!

I remember being asked for photos non-stop as soon as we walked in the con.

"Jiraya approves!"

Tewibewi and her bf who has made the most accurate Vault 101 costume in existence.

Steampunk was a new thing back then!

Tallest Yoko!

Officer Jenny!

Junicorn being carried by men in togas/towels.

Junicorn acquires fanboys!

a pretty nice shot with Bunnie-fu's Yoko.
I like a lot of these candid shots, and that's why I wanted to share them here.
Do you like professional photos better? Or candid shots like these?
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