Cute Pink Maid cosplay photo gallery

I borrowed this costume from Junicorn and paired it up with some white thigh-highs and pink shoes to have something cute to wear to Yasumicon in 2009.

The truth is, I wanted to be part of the Maid Cafe! But I didn't make it in :(

I went ahead and wore a maid costume anyways, then had this photoshoot with Morataya, which will forever be one of my favorite shoots ever!!

Some photographers say they don't like how harsh the sun can be in the middle of the day, but I really love bright and sunny photos like this one!

I have a pink tail, too!
this here, is what we call the "absolute zone"
I love the ears that came in this costume, they're very perky!
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  1. I think this is where they get the saying "Pretty in Pink" from :^)



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