Eruruu Cosplay Gallery 1

In all respects, Utawarerumono can be considered your typical harem anime, but there were certain sci-fi elements that made this series really interesting to me. I also felt that the relationship between Eruruu and Hakuoro was nicely developed, so that I was in tears at the finale.

made you some cookies...

Amazingly enough, Eruruu ended up being my favorite girl character of the show! (I usually don't like the main characters), and got the itch to do a cosplay of her despite not being a very good fit for her.

a tropical forest is still a forest...

All photos by Maboroshi.
Featuring Makyz as Hakuoro.
This costume as pre-made by an online seller and slightly modified by me.
エルルゥ 5228537319625687785

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