Animazement 17 re-cap!

First and foremost, my main purpose for heading to Animazement this year was because they managed to book KOTOKO as a guest (again!) and this meant they would also have a CONCERT with her. In case you guys didn't know, I'm a huge KOTOKO fangirl and had already considered it a long gone dream to have the opportunity of seeing her perfom live in the U.S.

right after the concert ended, glowing with joy!
Well, my dream totally came true! AND I WAS ON THE FRONT ROW WEARING  SPACESUIT MIZUHO DURING THE ENTIRE THING!!! And to top off the amazingness of it all she sang the entire first verse of "Shooting Star" towards of our side of the audience, considering I was only a few feet away and how I totally went crazy the moment the song started playing, I'll take this to mean she was singing it straight toward us. \(T∇T)/

We cheered and danced and fist pumped and awwed at her cute English and all the times she said she was so happy and "let's have enjoy time!" (≧∇≦)/

Ah yea, so during the daytime I wore teacher Mizuho and a few people recognized me and were pretty happy to see a Mizuho cosplay (it was mostly guys around my age, heh heh heh)

Photo by Jeff Sammon,
 What totally completed my ensemble, besides the Pocky, was the fact that Pedro brought along a little Marie figure. I had intended to make one myself, but this little guy is the legit thing!! He also had an Onsokumaru stress ball, ah the joys of having friends that are into the same fandoms as you (ヘ。ヘ)

Marie & Onsokumaru hanging out
Speaking of friends, here are my other companions for this trip: the first is Jabel, who is, of course, a super KOTOKO fan. We pretty much grew up watching the same anime, even if we lived in different South American countries. I've discovered our tastes in anime are extremely similar! We had deep conversations about our waifus. (_´ω`)

Then there is my friend P, with whom I actually grew up. My best friend during middle school; this was her first anime convention!

On Friday night we went to a restaurant called Calavela which had very awesome empanadas and margaritas and was open incredibly late at night.

On Saturday I changed into Mimori and realized that I totally underestimated this costume's boots....

idorus harnesing the power of the Kirara
Since we wanted to get some photos by the light-up wall in front of the Marriott, we ended up staying up well after midnight to get the photoshoot done. I hope the photos with Melvin will be worth it. (´;д;`)

I'm really glad I planned on wearing Shinobu on Sunday, because by then I was already dead tired and almost didn't even wear a costume, but since this was the outfit I walked around in the most, is the one most people stopped me to get a picture of.

 Sunday was spent scouring the artist alley and vendor's room. Then I helped my friends practice their photography skills....

All in all there were so many memorable moments to this trip and I spent some quality time with my out state friends. I will cherish this adventure in my heart!

civilian mode, yo!

Until next time!

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