Greetings from Florida SuperCon (2011)

 I always have mixed feelings about Florida SuperCon, for one, the event is so close to home it'd be a waste NOT to go. There's always lots of people I actually know or I'm friends with that attend, yet at the same time, compared to other events I've been to, I always feel I don't have much to do at the convention because the guests/activities are not super interesting to me.

(Or maybe it's because I don't research the event well enough...)

One things this event is always good for, is to get lots of attention in skimpy costumes! Which is exactly what Junicorn and I did in 2011, and we ended up in this video / short documentary.

Although Junicorn won't be with me this year, I think I'll find plenty of friends to have a fun time with :3
むちむちポーク! 2260189161063198729

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