Midnight Sandwich Comics & Cosplay Dance Party

 Last night I headed out to Mansini's Pizza House in Little Havana to have myself a geeky little time with some local cosplayers. This was my first time attending a Midnight Sandwich event, and I got there pretty late so I missed out on a lot of the activities they had going on!

Nevertheless, it was still a nice social night ^_^

with gal pal Jenny Lorenzo

with writer Ruben D. we used to work together in Kunicon!
And to think I almost got rid of this costume a couple years ago!! Yes! I did have some pizza here (only $1 per slice!) it was pretty good, not many pics of my eating it thou, cuz I was very hungry >_<

The following pics are by Princess Sara:

with the participants of the cosplay contest.


finally a picture with my pizza!

with Princess Sara.

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