Please, Teacher!

Mizuho could've been entirely a closet cosplay if it wasn't for that 70's style double breasted RED vest that she happens to wear as her default teacher outfit. As I searched for vest patterns to custom make this piece, I realized more and more how incredibly outdated Mizuho's "teacher" look is. Also, as the series progresses, her wardrobe becomes noticeably more modern.

I always have some pocky stashed around...

Alas, this is her signature look, so I had to figure out a way to make that vest.

I found a free online vest sewing pattern which greatly resembled what my finished product would be, and modified the piece by awkwardly pinning and re-pinning it on myself (because I still don't have a dressform!! U_U )

first vest assembly
Posting a bunch of pics of my sewing process would be very boring, specially because I still mess up a lot, and I undo/redo many of my steps. So, I'll summarize by saying that I thought I modified the pattern satisfactorily,  and I assembled almost to 90% but when I tried it on I noticed that the front panels are way too low... so I'm gonna be re-doing that...

At least I got some nice preview pics out of that first fitting! I'm wearing Takumy's red wig to test the ensemble, still waiting for my magenta wig to arrive. The scarf and blouse have yet to be modified,  but at least I got my contacts in, they're so purple!

The contacts are the dolly eye violet lens by EOS, they totally show despite my naturally dark eyes.
Well, the Animazement counter says there's 10 days until the event... so I'm totally scrambling to make it in time!
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