Animazement cosplay line-up!

After mulling it over and finally seeing the Animazement convention schedule (specifically the KOTOKO concert and autograph signings) I finally settled on my cosplay schedule for the con!

I'll do Mizuho all of Friday, if I get the spacesuit done I'll wear that in the daytime and switch to her default teacher wardrobe for the concert.
For the early morning autograph signing with KOTOKO, once again Mizuho's default (just cuz I wanna see if KOTOKO-san will recognize it or react in any way...), after that I'll change to Mimori for the rest of the day and idol it up with Melvinopolis' Acchan :3

Lastly, Shinobu-chan on Sunday. She's definitely more comfortable than the other two, since I get to wear sandals and a well ventilated kimono!

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