Kuro Daikon ♠ Black Radish Mina Weapon - 1

It's Spring Break! I've been working on my Mina costume, of course I everything ends up taking longer than I calculate it will... here's the progress on my rotund-ly huge weapon.

Miss Ootsuki Mina will escort you through the construction process!
I started with two black cauldrons I purchased during Halloween.
I also got a scythe cuz I liked that it assembled with 3 rods...

(I used an exacto knife I heated up with a candle =_= )
I had to remove the rim of the cauldron for the desired shape. Apparently you can easily cut plastic with a hot knife. The masking tape was a recommended safety measure.

 The same cutting process is used for the bottom. The radish leaves will come out of here so I need another hole.

 I got some pipe connectors that can screw into each other to attach the daikon leaves. Added expanding foam and hot glue to secure it into place.

so many rods!
 I cut the 3 rods of the Halloween scythe in half so I could use the connecting parts. More length will be added with a paper tube and a wooden stick.

 Taping up my tubes... I went back and filled them with expanding foam to reinforce them and secure the parts together.

So this is what all my parts put together are looking like :3
So far so good.
コスプレ 7377228889821173198

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