Sewing frustration =_=

I've been working on and off on the Hanekawa costume, it's not a priority since there really isn't a group cosplay that I have to complete it for, but if feels like I've been working on this costume the most because of all the problems I've ran into trying to make it myself... and Koyomi's jacket.
Apparently it is almost impossible to find a pattern for a men's jacket, there are more patterns for women's but they're more business like, and those puffy sleeves~ pft, what a joke.

I kinda sorta learned how to make a pleated skirt:

pleat making contraption, made from scratch!

skirt test

skirt with waistband pinned

Except all these layers refuse to sew through the sewing machine =_= I've tried heavy duty needles, different tension settings, maybe it's the thread I'm using!?
All aspects of this costume have been too frustrating, I just don't want to do it anymore...

Instead I'll moving to Shinobu-chan YEY! Goodbye Tsubasa cat >_>
work in progress 851657746788354597

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