This is Cosplay @ Art Basel

From the CS Gallery opening during the Art Basel week. Many thanks to Lazaro Diaz and Juan Navarro for deciding to exhibit cosplay in their gallery! Cosplay in America also send some oversized prints of his gorgeous photos. It was so much fun times!
Picture with Laz, who worked really hard to have this event become a reality!
He also did private shoots with some of the cosplayers before the event.
Behind us is a picture from the Cosplay Artwalk.

Eating pita chips and talking about the Odette costume,
my darling Tewibewi went as my chaperone

With Señor G (Morataya) and Kumagoro-kun.
It had been such a long time since we hanged so we had a blast XD
Semi-debut for Ootsuki Mina?
I really wanted to wear it but it still needs some work.
Supercon Javi pimping himself some ladies...
Group Pic!
Noticed that G was trying to take a candid picture, so I did this XD
Yes, Odette, you brought me so much suffering;
now I shall only display you instead of wearing you.
Photos by This is Cosplay, Flash Fotography, and Morataya Photography.
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