Some fun facts about my Bonney cosplay

ボニー船長 | こまき [pixiv]

I got parts of the Jewelry Bonney ensemble at American Apparel, yet ended up returning what could almost be the perfect Bonney shorts because #1 they were too high on the waist and #2 my thighs battled with said shorts...

I was out on the hunt for shorts again, which is quite an aradous task when you got legs like mine. Finally snagged a pair of much cheaper white shorts that had to be stewed died to a bright red!

The yellow tights were actually meant to be used for some other cosplay, but I quickly butchered them to make these psychedelic stockings. I had to hand draw the pattern while wearing them, and not by using a paper roll tube like I hoped =/

Life saver Tewi attached the frilly tops and ex-coworker Kristen was kind enough to finish filling in the patterns on them while eduring sharpie fumes as we drove to Orlando for the con.

I really want to have a turkey prop for this costume... but constantly worry about staining the white top. This fanart (and other NSFW pics that turned up during my reference search) is probably why I have so many spread-eagled poses for this character...! XD
ジュエリー・ボニー 4347012107492900785

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