FFXII Oerba Yun Fang Cosplay

I've been doing some housekeeping regarding my cosplay and want to start officially retiring some costumes out of my line-up or just for the sake of organizing my cosplay photos.  If I count from my very first attempt EVER at cosplay (that was in 2001...) it's over 15 years that I've been in this ridiculous hobby!

Fang was one of those costumes I did to be part of a group. In this second version, I've bought the sari from an online retailer, which was quite more hefty than my previous attempt at the costume (aka less sexy). I also wanted more accurate hair, so I got a wig that was not as awesome as I hoped. My spear is still the awesomest bit to this cosplay.

Makyz as a Mexican Snow
The following photos by Michael Iacca who captured Melvinopolis' (Vanille) pristinely white flesh.

The following photos by SoulFire Photography.

Well, goodbye Fang!
(The spear has already been sold, if you're interested in purchasing the robes/sari send me an e-mail or comment)

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