Mimori Revolution (senbatsu!)

I like to think of my Mimori Kishida cosplay as encapsulating an exact moment in the series: her performance of Oogoe Diamond as a Senbatsu member while her succession fever starts to go into overdrive.
Mimori performing despite her succession fever.
After several shopping trips I finally gathered all the materials for this costume, which were kindly figured out by Melvinopolis. We did quit a bit of searching for plaid patterns, and it turns out Jo-Ann fabrics had a pretty decent one anyways.

all ready to sew!
All of the other accessories had previously arrived, so this week I mostly need to get on with the sewing of this costume. Luckily enough my dressform also arrived!!! So now my cosplay life is made 10x much swifter since I can pin fabrics and patterns on something other than myself!

skirt progress!
I spent an entire weekend working on the wig, but that's already packed and ready to go. I'll make a long post about it later since I think I figured out a useful process for adding volume to wigs, here's a sneak peak:

Mimori's hair!

Well then, onwards to my idoru destiny! XD

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