Table Top Day!

Yesterday was international Table Top Day! I attended an event over at Coolstuff Games in Hollywood, FL. My friends had a lot of fun playing non-stop for about 5 hours! They got to try all sorts of new games, but I was busy gathering footage and interviews for my multimedia project...

I'll leave you with some pics of how it went :)

My friend's table. They're giving Power Grid a try.
The dudes from dicetower.com trying a new game.
Ladies and Gentlemen, anyone?
Joseph and *one* of his Magic card stacks.
The good stuff.
The crew at Coolstuff Games.
Look at all these people playing games!!
Board games raffle give-aways!
Bob brought his own stash of games to share.
Victoria was playing a game of Yugi-Oh and Risk. Simultaneosly.
This group was playing Relic, which looks totally awesome...
I want to play this game.
Game calendar @ Coolstuff.
These guys were too good at Yugi-Oh.
A game of Battlestar Galactica.
This asian guy wanted to take a pic with me and my equipment... he was kinda awkward...
That's all I got! I'll be working the next few weeks to put together the footage I gathered for a mini movie about board games. I really wish I could've played some of the games!
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