Taking a Break

I've been meaning to make this "announcement" for quite a while now, especially now that MegaCon is approaching and I keep getting asked if I'll be going.

Since 2011, I had made the decision that I would not attend any more conventions for the rest of the year and possibly until 2013. The only convention I will likely attend in 2012 will be SuperCon, only because it's costs next to nothing for me to go to this event.

I will be attending university full time during this year, and since I'm not proficient at multitasking (or obsess too much about cosplay to allow time for anything else) I will simply take a step away from the scene until I take care of my goals. There's also the possibility I might be moving later on in the year and I should tidying up to prepare for that transition.

I still have one "big" cosplay project I've been working on and off to complete and may debut this year, but I'm in no rush.
Also, I gained a bunch of my weight back because I was sick for a couple of months; which makes me reluctant to show my (fat) face in public until I've worked myself back to shape.

Hopefully, this year I will go on a REAL vacation with my boyfriend instead of traveling to an event!

this could happen if you don't take breaks...

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