Hanekawa Tusbasa Referece Images

Seeing as to how Hanekawa will be my next cosplay -must get done by Katsucon- I'll dump all the reference pictures I've accumulated for her.

 My favorite image of hers, currently using it as a wallpaper too (click it to download the high resolution!).
 Maybe I should recruit some kitty props? I could use my own cats if we shoot close to home XD
 I've been growing my hair so I could use it for this cosplay...
 I prefer the short-sleeved uniform for her, the long sleeve seems more appropriate for  Senjougahara-san.

It seems she wears her skirt longer than the other girls, how in character for this "goodie-two-shoes".
Looks so cute here, I totally wanna do it with black cat ears + tail.
Dark tights vs. school socks... hmmm...

Bonus fanart of Hanekawa-chan in Asuka's EVA plugsuit just for kicks! Why the eye-patch thou?
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