Ninja Nonsense Cosplay Photo Gallery

After many years of having friends recommending this anime to me, I finally went ahead and watched Ninja Nonsense! Turns out they have my tastes pinned really well cuz I loved it instantly! Specially the title character: Shinobu-chan.

Out of most of the cosplays I've put on my mental to-do list, I whipped out Shinobu-chan rather quickly. It is a simple costume after all. I even made the Sasuke outfit for my all purpose Asian boyfriend, and coerced Junicorn to be my Kaede (as usual).

Here's some pics from our photshoot!

Sasuke getting the good view down there.

Shinobu dessssuuuuu~

Not easy to do Ninja like things in such a short skirt!

Where did Kaede-chan go?

Sasuke still creeping under my skirt.

Still bummed out I'm missing a glove thou...
Girls in love?

Doing our 3-0-5 gang sign.

KIRA   ;)

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  1. I remember reading this manga and at the silliness of Shinobu-chan. You didn't know wither to laugh or cry for her ;^)

    1. The manga feels cramped and rushed, the humor worked out much better in the animation. Even the dub is decent!



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