Red Haired Maid Cosplay Gallery

Maid outfits are one of my favorite cosplays ever.  I wore this to Yasumicon 2008 with my dear Tewibewi. We had a lot of fun being silly and taking fun pictures.

If you didn't know... Tewibewi is the founder and event organizer of the Yasumicon conventions ^_^

girls from the maid cafe
some fanservice...
with a Jiraiya cosplayer
This one's my favorite photo of this set! We practiced this jump so many times until we could get it in a photo XD

My outfit was actually custom made based on a design I made for Kunicon's mascot girl Kiriko. It was first worn by the mascot girl/model, but as Kunicon ended I got to keep both of her costumes (the other one was a school uniform).

 It was a very tight fit, since the original model really had anime-like proportions!
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