My Otaku Room!

Would you like to see how much of a dork I am? Well, just check out this room!

That's what my layout was like, until I had to make room for this:
drawing desk!
That's when I switched things around,
and apparently decided I didn't have enough posters up.
Let's have an inventory of the toys I currently have on display:

Bome's Halloween-Tan
Shunya's Cocona, of course
All my maids, hanging together
Karen from Onegai Twins
Onegai Teacher beach set
Never enough Mahou Shoujo
Firey Asuka!
A chill Rei,
and an uber cute Aero Cat Rei!
Lillith and Morrigan book ends
a set of Drakstalkers girlies
Hakufu and Ryomou
Sakura-chan sits on my monitor
Mizuho in her green bikini
chibi Minmay
Comic Party!
I dunno, but I like her
Queen's Blade Annelotte
Oh sweet Annelotte...
Love Hina's towel-clad Shinobu
last but not least, the awesomest Felicia ever scultped
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