Shinobu-chan cosplay wardrobe

Shinobu-chan wears so many cute outfits during the series, I think I want to make them all! I also love the marker illustrations the artist has done for the series, I've tried to gather as many as I can:

Shinobu & Kaede-chan with Onsokomaru
This is the Anna Miller's waitress uniform.
with megane! (glasses)
Shinobu-chan neko-matta version!

Out on a safari.
She looks like a christmas tree XD
a cute little vest and pigtails
From the Sasuke episode,
Shinobu in school uniform pulling her "little sister" act.
Her regular garb, but I love this illust ♥
Mata ne!
Shinobu-chan 5932237946770001919

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  1. I love that you cosplay Shinobu so much, I love Ninja Nonsense and want to cosplay Shinobu too one day. You're great for cosplaying such an under rated show. It needs more love!!



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