Ootsuki Mina Cosplay Gallery 1

I had so many pictures taken for this costume while I was at Megacon! I'm really happy, if only my other Minas had made it in time :(
I've scheduled to wear this costume again for AFO and OTAKON and both will be with Rabbit Force groups, I'm the Ootsuki Mina for ACP's Project V8: Getsumen to Heiki Mina!! I plan to improving parts of the costume and props :D

Ok, now I shut up and I post some pictures:

My first awesome Ootsuki Mina picture to come out! Thanks to 0rz Phtgrphy! :D
So lucky that there was that black backdrop and a sweet ray of sunlight.

 Rabbit Duo by iM Photography.

 Patcave caught us by the food concessions.

Photo by Howie Muzika, with our new cosplay convert Wraiv3n as Nouhime.

A shot of our bunny pair by LJinto.

 and a portrait by LJinto :3
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