Katsucon 17!

This was my first time attending Katsucon, here's some pictures from my weekend up there :3

 Yey! Badge acquired, I've only been using that particular "otakitty" signature since mid 2010~

 (Gasp! "civilian mode"!?) I'm usually a bit wary of posting pics of me out of cosplay, but this is such a cute shot with brak132 ♥.

 They called this one "the Home Depot warriors". Makyz had to buy some Home Depot rulers to use as the blades of his swords, since they were not going to be unsheathed anyways...
 Walking the con, pimping our default One Piece garb.

 This lady said she was from Cosmode Magazine and took solo shots of the 3 of us. Must be cuz One Piece is such a popular series.

 Makyz & brkak132 at the game room. =3=

 Makyz and the lovely Melvin during the formal dance.

 brkak132 and I in our CP9 formal for the ball/masquerade.

 Yey! I got to meet the talented IchigoKitty! She was doing a shoot for her Katara costume on Friday night. It might be my heels, but she's such a shortie X3.

 Girls, being girls... Alli, Melvin, Ichigokitty and moi.

 A little preview of some CP9 photos we took...

 Being cute~
 He can't look happy with those eyebrows like that!

 We briefly wore D. Gray-man during Saturday.

 Of course Luffy would want a piece of my turkey...
Precious turkey leg! Give it back!

 This Sanji took the smart approach to gaining Bonney's affections XD

 Feeding the turkey to my Law

Apparently, I'm so jelly!

 Farewell group shot on Sunday. These hip folks are: Kooliko, Makyz, Alli, brkak132, me & Ichigokitty.

 Fancy moustache time brought to you by two cosplaying kitties :3
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