Birthday Wishlist!!

Some stuff I wants...

Annelotte from the Queen's Blade Series
Eventually I would like to do a Queen's Blade cosplay, and out of all the desgins this is the girl that appeals me the most (and that is not just downright indecent). They recently released the alternate/evil version for this character, and the figure with her original color scheme is becoming scarce :(
Oh.. Annelottu~ on eBay | on shopmania | on toystop

Need I say more? I basically worship anything this man draws.
His previous artbook "Wild Flower" has been whored plenty on the internet, so I there's some scanned images, everytime we go to Nick's house, who has a copy, we take it out to ogle and the pretty designs.

Also on my cosplay list... really wants her. So cute I could burst. AND has Onsokomaru!

Megami Magazine Creators
Back when I was working for Kuni and had plenty of disposable income I had a Megami Magazine subscription... now I dont. I've been having withdrawhals sine GYAAH.The Megami Deluxe, is no good thou, since thouse don't bring posters like the monthly magazine.
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